Your Top Five Health Breakthrough Stories of 2020

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 31, 2020

Hi y’all,

Alex Reid here.

2020 was quite the year! We have experienced the first pandemic in our lifetime. We partnered with Dr. Anil Bajnath, our Chief Medical Advisor.

Together, we have maneuvered our way through this longevity journey.

According to your overwhelming response, we’ve nailed down five of your favorite stories from 2020. Enjoy this walk down memory lane:

Obsessed With Touching Your Face? Here’s How to Stop
And the outbreak of COVID-19 highlights that. The truth is, not touching your face is much harder than it sounds! During a coronavirus press conference, even the director of a California county health department licked her finger before flipping a page in her notes — just moments after explaining why you shouldn't touch your face…

Walgreens to Pay $7.5M Settlement for Phony Pharmacist!
And here’s the latest scam to hit the pharmacy world… The costs are high, singing to the tune of $7.5 million. California prosecutors say that between late 2006 and 2017, a Walgreens employee impersonated a pharmacist.

Scientists Identify Pathway to Live as Long as Biblical Figures
Whether you call the Bible fiction or truth, what’s important is that science says Bible-era life spans could be well within our reach! North American life expectancy today is 76 and 81 for men and women, respectively... Just recently, biologists identified a pathway that could extend life spans by 500%. What would you do if your life expectancy went from 81 to 405?

Five Ways to Get Fresh Air While Still Practicing "Social Distancing"
Does the lockdown have you going stir-crazy? Feeling connected with nature is a vital part of physical and mental health. And if you're like most people, you could REALLY use a break from your Hulu binge to get some fresh air…

Alcohol kills over 600K people a year... via cancer
Alcohol causes more cancer-related deaths each year than cigarette smoking. Each year, cigarettes take the lives of 480,000 people. But in 2017, researchers estimated that the total cancer deaths due to alcohol consumption were 621,000 (in just ONE year). That’s 1,700 people every single day.

Here at Longevity Insider HQ, we are so excited to continue this longevity journey with you into 2021… Meanwhile, enjoy this final day of 2020.

Happy New Year!

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Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ