WAR ON VAPING? FDA JUST Banned THIS Brand in the U.S.

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted June 27, 2022

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The FDA just pulled the plug on the ever famous Juul e-cigarettes just days ago.

Michele Mital, acting director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products says:

"Without the data needed to determine relevant health risks, the FDA is issuing these marketing denial orders.”

The sale and distribution of all Juul e-cigarettes in the United States is banned effective immediately. Juul may decide to appeal the decision, but there is no certainty as of now.

It was only in 2009 that the FDA gained the power to regulate all new tobacco products. And the recent issue with Juul only points to an even bigger concern - what many refer to as the “Vaping Epidemic.”

Many have ditched traditional cigarettes for e-cigarettes because manufacturers claim their products can deliver nicotine to addicted adult smokers without the health risks that come from burning tobacco.

While e-cigarettes don’t require burning tobacco, they deliver nicotine to users by vaporizing liquid in cartridges or pods. And many of these liquids come in fruity flavors that would be attractive to a younger demographic and those who were initially non-smokers.

From cereal-flavored vape liquids to candy-flavored ones, it’s very clear which age group is dominating the vape market right now.

According to the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey, 1 in 5 high school students reported vaping in the past month.

What’s This Mean for Longevity?

Many illnesses and diseases are attached to this wildly growing trend of vaping. While there may be no tobacco in vapes and e-cigarettes, other chemicals are used. These chemicals can be very toxic, especially when they reach a certain heat temperature. Here are a few illnesses associated with vaping (and the chemicals in vapes):

  • Lung disease.
  • Heart disease.
  • Asthma.
  • COPD.
  • Much more…

If you find that your children or grandchildren are lured into the concept of vaping because they think it’s “safe,” share this information with them. If they’re looking for a way to relax and unwind, here are some healthy ways to do that in the summer.

  • Get some vitamin D! (Relax in the sun.)
  • Drink enough water. (This helps to keep your hormones balanced.)
  • Meditate. (People who meditate regularly report to have greater peace and focus.)
  • Join a sport! (Bored? Go burn off that excess energy in a productive way.)
  • Journal daily. (Lean in to your thoughts and feelings. This can also help with anxiety!)

There are plenty of ways to relax and rewind without damaging your mind, body, or spirit. Remember longevity includes every aspect of your life. Cheers to a healthy and productive week!

To your longevity,

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