The Truth About "Fats" – Part 2

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted June 24, 2021

Hi Longevity Insider,

Fatty acids have many important functions in the body. Stored as triglycerides in an organism, they are an important source of energy. If glucose isn't readily available for energy, the body then uses fatty acids to fuel the cells instead.

If we recall from our earlier cell membrane articles, cell membranes are primarily composed of lipids, specifically phospholipids and a few cholesterol molecules. Phospholipids are the lipids that have phosphate in their molecular structure. It is an important component of the cell membrane. It is made up of two hydrophobic fatty acid tails and a hydrophilic head consisting of a phosphate group. The two constituents are joined by a glycerol molecule. Phospholipids are what support the cell membrane's unique structure due to their hydrophobic (non-polar) tails and hydrophilic (polar) heads. This means that heads of the molecules face outward and are attracted to water, whereas the tails face inside away from the water, allowing them to arrange themselves in a sphere form in aqueous solutions. 

Fatty acids are part of the lipid class. They are widespread in food and organisms, being a critical component of the cell membrane. They have important biological functions, as well as structural and functional roles. 

Over this past week, I've highlighted the importance of fatty acids in human health, especially regarding the physiology of human body. We've also discussed how the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids become common ground to these pathologies. Next week, we will discuss how these fatty acids play a role in cardiovascular, neurologic, endocrinological, and other diseases due to their mechanisms at a cellular level.

BONUS: More on the Cell Membrane

Over the past few weeks, we have gone into great detail about the cell membrane and why it's so important to keep it healthy and thriving. Every single cell in your body has a cell membrane that protects it. So what happens when your cell membrane weakens?

Let's hope you never find out... But that's why I want to share something critical with you.

I'm talking about your food. There's a sneaky ingredient that's in just about every single item you'd find at your nearby grocery store. If you've been feeling fat, tired, and sick... this one under-the-radar ingredient may be the culprit.

The ironic thing is, this ingredient is in plenty of food that well-meaning companies market as "healthy." The truth is, it's anything BUT that. My team and I have researched this ingredient top to bottom, and I'm here to reveal what it can do to the body and cell membrane. There's so much I want to warn you about, but you'll have to go here to to listen for yourself.

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Anil Bajnath MD
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