The FDA Sounds the Alarm on Sunscreen!

Written by Alex Reid
Posted July 27, 2020

Hi y'all!

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

Did you catch some sun over the weekend?

After a quick visit to the farmer’s market yesterday...

I went to a nearby horse farm and met my newest “friend” Bristol.

She was the most serene horse I’d ever encountered. The temperature was well over 95 degrees, and the sun was beaming down on her...

And with acres upon acres of land to explore, there wasn’t much shade in sight for Bristol.

So I couldn’t help but wonder, “How is she surviving in this sun?”

We humans protect ourselves from the sun in many ways...

We wear hats. We sit in the shade. We slather on sunscreen.

(We especially cake on the sunscreen!)

But a shocking U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study shows that we may be doing more harm than good to ourselves...

At this moment, quickly go and grab your bottle of sunscreen.

Do you see any of these six ingredients on the label? 

  1. Avobenzone
  2. Oxybenzone
  3. Octocrylene
  4. Homosalate
  5. Octisalate
  6. Octinoxate

If your sunscreen includes any of these six chemicals, keep reading.

A recent FDA study showed that sunscreen chemicals accumulate in the body at high levels.

As a Longevity Insider HQ reader, you already know how I feel about chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

If there’s a way for nature to heal you, protect you, and restore you... I’m taking that path every single time.

Mother Nature provides every single thing that we need.

Oftentimes, risky chemicals come with side effects that can irrevocably damage our body systems.

Recently, the FDA randomly assigned 48 healthy participants one of four sunscreen products (lotions and sprays). 

On the first day, the participants applied sunscreen to 75% of their bodies just once. Then, from days two through four, they applied the sunscreen four times a day.

Over a 21-day period, the researchers collected 34 blood samples from each participant. And the studies proved that the chemicals made their way into the participants' bloodstreams.

The higher the use of sunscreen, the higher the blood concentration.

Too High for the FDA

All of the ingredients in the sunscreen continued to exceed the FDA’s safety threshold.

One ingredient still had “dangerous levels” even after the 21-day period ended.

Still want to slather on that sunscreen?

According to the CARES Act, the FDA has until September 2021 to submit a revised sunscreen order.

A spokeswoman for the Personal Care Products Council said:

There will be no deadline for FDA to issue a final order, but if and when such an order is issued, it may not take effect for at least one year after the proposed administrative order.

While the FDA is getting its ducks in a row...

Don’t spend another moment risking your health...

Here’s a sun safety pack I put together for you:

  • Solar K2 + D3. Load up on vitamin D3 (what you get from the sun) right from your couch. Enjoy the “happy chemicals” dopamine and serotonin.
  • Coconut Oil Sunscreen. For all of you DIYers, here’s the healthy way to make your own sunscreen.

Enjoy the summer, and stay safe!

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ

P.S. Tomorrow, we will continue our music series… and discuss how it can heal your mind, body, and soul.