Surgical deaths reduced by 37% thanks to this simple change

If you or a loved one has surgery scheduled, don't miss this.

Written by Alex Reid
Posted April 22, 2019

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Surgery is one of the opportunities for modern medicine to do both the most good and the most harm.

The stakes are literally life or death, so anything that tips the balance is an important and exciting story.

And what European researchers have recently published is a shockingly simple way to do just that.

In fact, the change they made reduced the amount of surgical deaths by a whopping 37%! That sort of dramatic change is almost unheard of in medical science.

What did they do?

They implemented an airline pilot-style "safety checklist" before each procedure.

The 19-item list - which was created by the World Health Organization - is supposed to encourage teamwork and communication during operations.

The death rate fell to 0.46 per 100 procedures between 2000 and 2014, analysis of 6.8m operations showed.

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In other health news, a man's life may have been saved by a pothole!

He was suffering a serious cardiac event, and striking a pothole may have actually jolted his heart back into a normal rhythm.

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And finally, an interesting study from Michigan State University has shown that regular cannabis users weigh LESS than the general population.

This suggests that popular myths about the "munchies" and "lazy stoners" may not be true at all.

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