Scientists Identify Pathway to Live as Long as Biblical Figures

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 13, 2020

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Biblical figures seemed to live forever...

Moses lived for 120 years. Abraham died at the age of 175. Noah saw a 950-year-long life.

Whether you call the Bible fiction or truth, what’s important is that science says Bible-era life spans could be well within our reach!

North American life expectancy today is 76 and 81 for men and women, respectively...

Just recently, biologists identified a pathway that could extend life spans by 500%.

What would you do if your life expectancy went from 81 to 405?

You could reach all of your goals, meet your great-great-great-great-grandchildren, and so much more...

That’s why this latest research has shaken the aging industry at its core.

Scientists from the MDI Biological Laboratory, Buck Institute for Research on Aging (Novato, CA), and Nanjing University (China) have identified synergistic cellular pathways that amplify life span by 500% in C. elegans (a nematode worm used as a model in aging research).

"Despite the discovery in C. elegans of cellular pathways that govern aging, it hasn't been clear how these pathways interact," said Hermann Haller, M.D., president of the MDI Biological Laboratory. "By helping to characterize these interactions, our scientists are paving the way for much-needed therapies to increase healthy lifespan for a rapidly aging population."

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With 500% longer life, there’d be more time to sleep, too…

A recent Berkeley study shows that deep sleep can help rid the brain of anxiety.

Matthew Walker, the study's senior author and neuroscience professor, mentioned in a release:

We have identified a new function of deep sleep, one that decreases anxiety overnight by reorganizing connections in the brain.

Deep sleep seems to be a natural (anxiety inhibitor), so long as we get it each and every night.

If you are only sleeping a few hours a night, working a full-time job, and tending to your family... I could only imagine how those factors could add more stress and anxiety to your life. 

This story explains more in detail how sleep could help to calm your nerves. 

Spoiler Alert: This story also includes 5 tips for getting a great night’s sleep.

From longer life to less anxiety, here’s more good news to share with you…

For the first time in history, America has seen the LARGEST single-year drop in the cancer death rate.

CNN broadcasted:

From 2016 to 2017, the United States saw its largest-ever single-year drop in overall cancer deaths, a 2.2% plunge spurred in part by a sharp decline in lung cancer deaths, according to the report, published Wednesday in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

I came across a few other interesting cancer-related stats here, too.

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