Reports of Kids’ Mysterious Liver Ailment Expand in U.S.

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted May 2, 2022

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Doctors all over the U.S. are stumped. At least 6 U.S. states (Delaware, Alabama, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, Wisconsin) have reported confirmed or suspected cases of a severe liver disorder in children.

While more than 160 cases of pediatric hepatitis (liver inflammation) is reported all over the globe, Wisconsin reported its first fatality connected to the mysterious liver condition.

Doctors have primarily seen this ailment in children under 10. And it results in a few children needing a new liver transplant.

Mainstream media reports: “Researchers are probing links to infection with adenoviruses, a family of pathogens that more commonly cause cold-like symptoms, as well as Covid-19.”

While researchers can pinpoint what would make otherwise perfectly healthy children suddenly so sick, they are still undergoing more studies and research.

How Do I Know If My Liver Is Working Properly?

The liver is both a vital and often misunderstood organ in the body. Here are the five main functions of the liver:

  • Filtration. The liver filters the blood and breaks down any harmful substances.
  • Digestion. The liver breaks down the food you eat and absorbs the necessary nutrients.
  • Metabolism and Detoxification. The liver keeps you safe by removing substances like alcohol, drugs, and foreign substances from your blood before they even reach your digestive tract. It’s also where metabolism takes place.
  • Protein synthesis. Liver cells play a role in creating proteins that the body needs for cellular structure and function.
  • Storage of vitamins and minerals. The liver produces, stores, and releases different vitamins and minerals into your blood.

So how do you know if something is off with your liver? Take this simple five-question quiz. It’ll take you only 1 minute to complete.

(WARNING: Many people ignore the symptoms of a dying liver because no one ever told them the bad liver can affect them in this way.)

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