New Strain of COVID Appears in Europe — Are We Really Surprised?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 21, 2020

Former Head of FDA Dr. Scott Gottlieb says:

There is a new variant, and there's question of whether or not it's become the predominant strain in London because of what we call founders' effect — it just got into London and got into some early super spreading events — or whether or not it's the result of what we call selective pressure, it's being selected for because it has qualities that make it more likely to spread.

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Today we send a special note to our readers, especially those in Europe…

Over the weekend, news of a mutated strain of coronavirus broke headlines. On the heels of this discovery, the United Kingdom tightened its rules during this ongoing COVID pandemic.

Before you allow the panic to get the best of you -- take a breather. And hear me out…

Are we really surprised?

All viruses mutate, even the flu. Every year our bodies fight off a different strain of it.

Ex-FDA Head Dr. Dr. Scott Gottlieb has a few words of his own:

This virus mutates like all viruses. Flu mutates the most. And what viruses do is they change their surface proteins. And once they do that, the antibodies that we've developed against those surface proteins no longer work.

Now, flu mutates very rapidly, changes its surface proteins very rapidly. So, we constantly need to get a new flu shot. Some viruses like measles don't change their surface proteins. And so the measles shot we got 20 years ago still works.

Coronavirus seems somewhere in the middle. It's going to mutate and change its surface proteins, but probably slow enough that we can develop new vaccines.

Over a week ago, the FDA authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. And it’s recently given the Moderna-National Institutes of Health COVID-19 vaccine the greenlight too.

In fact, trucks departed from the Memphis distribution center just last night. And distribution around the U.S. is expected today.

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