Monsanto Children's Book

Teach Your Kids How Wonderful Monsanto Is!

Written by Alex Reid
Posted March 26, 2012

Oh, this one is rich!

Turns out, Monsanto, the very company that’s brought you such hits with the kids like dumping toxic waste in the UK, knowingly polluting creeks in Alabama with mercury and PCB-laden materials for 40 years, and bullying family farmers with armies of high-priced lawyers, now has an activity book aimed at teaching the kids the benefits of biotechnology with the whimsical title “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book.”

My facetiousness aside, this is more than a little appalling. The book (actually collectively created by Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and five other major biotech players) is full of colorful information and activities, including a fascinating word scramble that reveal “soybean,” “microscope,” and “biotechnology.”

The activities are standard, but the rhetoric Monsanto implanted in the actual book is what's really despicable. There is literally one section entitled “How Can Biotechnology Help the Environment?”

So how can biotechnology help the environment?

Well, Monsanto's little piece of proselytism reads. . .

Many farmers plow their fields to destroy these weeds, but plowing can cause soil erosion. Thanks to biotechnology, a farmer can manage the weeds without having to plow. This saves energy as well as the soil! Giving farmers more choices to control harmful bugs and weeds helps their farms and the environment.”

Interestingly, they left out the part about how Monsanto's Roundup Ready crops have recently been linked to an organism that leads to miscarriages in farm animals.

Nothing says environmentally friendliness more than spontaneous abortions in livestock!

You know, it’s bad enough to try to crassly market to kids who don’t know any better, but to disseminate this kind of disinformation and pass it off as fact is reprehensible. Actually, I think there’s a word for it, but in the spirit of the book, you have to guess the word: PR_P_G_ND_. Feel free to fill in the vowels.

Here’s a link to the activity book. Your kids will love it.