Let's make 2019 the year you're healthy AND happy [Roundup]

New year, new you - but skip the stress

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 31, 2018

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Hi y'all.

Alex Reid here with a special New Year's Eve message!

Traditionally, this is the time of year that people make resolutions. Time to change your diet, change your workouts and make big commitments to the new year's new you.

That's great. We're all for self-improvement, and we're all for a culture that encourages it.

But it's also easy to overdo.

And it's easy to create unrealistic goals that burn you out.

So our message today is a simple one:


If you're a member of the New Vitality Center, take advantage of the comprehensive spa and massage guide. A trip to a relaxing sauna can be just as rewarding as a trip to the gym.

Simply by reading this, you're doing more than most. By participating in this community, you're already showing a commitment to health and wellbeing.

(Joining in on Facebook and Twitter helps too!)

Enjoy that. Be proud of that.

And if you take ONE more day in the gym this year than you did last year, that's great too. But ultimately well-being goes far beyond simply eating better or going to the gym more.

So also add in ONE more massage. One more meditation. One more family dinner.


And enjoy.

To your EASY and healthy 2019,

Alex Reid

PS: That doesn't mean we're taking it easy! We are thrilled to bring you some incredible new content in 2019. We have some great interviews and overviews lined up but we also want to hear from YOU. So please respond with any topics you'd like to see us cover!