Latest Developments on COVID-19 + Your Brain

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 11, 2021

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And since then, more and more updates just keep rolling in. So instead of your usual one update, I’ve handpicked three to share with you today.

Before we dive into that, I want to wish you a Happy 2021!

If you’ve been paying attention to this big world around us, it’s quite clear that 2021 has already started off on a strong note!

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The latest to cross my desk...

In spite of the release of two COVID-19 vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech), a different strain of the coronavirus has already surfaced.

News originally broke out that it appeared in the UK, prompting stricter lockdown rules for the region.

But now there’s another COVID variant brewing in South Africa. And UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently expressed his grave concerns on this unfolding story:

I’m incredibly worried about the South African variant, and that’s why we took the action that we did to restrict all flights from South Africa...This is a very, very significant problem ... and it’s even more of a problem than the U.K. new variant.

More on the story here.

Meanwhile, a team of neurologists take a deeper look at COVID-19’s impact on our bodies in the short- and long-term — specifically the brain.

"We were afraid that SARS CoV-2 was going to invade the brain," says Dr. Gabriel de Erausquin, an investigator at the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

And Dr. de Erausquin’s concerns are valid. The journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia just published some of his latest work… connecting the dots between COVID-19, dementia, and psychotic illness: 

Neurotropic respiratory viruses have long been known to result in chronic brain pathology including emerging cognitive decline and dementia, movement disorders, and psychotic illness. Because brain inflammation accompanies the most common neurodegenerative disorders and may contribute to major psychiatric disorders, the neurological and psychiatric sequelae of COVID‐19 need to be carefully tracked.

Initially, pathologists weren't able to retrieve brain tissue from deceased COVID-19 patients for further investigation. They lacked the proper protective gear to remove the brain during an autopsy. But things have changed. And thanks to updated protective gear and recent evidence, the picture has become more and more clear...

During times like these, it’s crucial that you take care of yourself (and all that encompasses) — your mind, your body, your spirit. Do you want to be the guy who let the weight of the world come crashing down on him? Or do you want to be the guy who thrived in a chaotic world?

Every single morning, I look in the mirror and I choose to be the second guy. So, I eat well. I get my daily exercise. I exude gratefulness as much as I can. And I keep a sharp brain.

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