Is the “Fountain of Youth” Rooted in Feces?

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted November 1, 2021

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Anil Bajnath MD here with your Monday roundup.

How would you like to turn back the hands of time?

Who wouldn’t want a stronger memory, more energy, or a more resilient body?

Once most people reach at least 55 years of age, they tend to see a decline, a decline in their body and mind.

Namely, they can experience issues like increased inflammation in their joints, making it harder for them to keep up with their grandchildren or enjoy the simple pleasures of life like a walk around the park.

They may have a difficult time remembering names and important dates, things that would usually roll off of the tip of their tongue.

So this recent discovery I’m about to share with you made me pause for two reasons.

  1. Being a longevity expert myself, I am always learning and experimenting, finding new valuable resources to share with you all. So my ears immediately go up when I stumble across fascinating research like this.

  2. When I explain to you the procedure done to achieve what some call the “fountain of youth,” it might make your head turn.

So let’s jump into it…

In a recent study, John Cryan, a professor of neuroscience and the vice president for research and innovation at University College Cork in Ireland, led a team to perform fecal transplants on mice. (I told you this would be an interesting study.)

The researchers took fecal matter from younger mice, and trasnferred them into the guts of older mice via a feeding tube.

Shocking Results

The older mice that had received the transplant saw shocking results: reversed age-related inflammation and improvement in the older mice's memory, learning, and anxiety levels. (As I mentioned before, all of these things are affected negatively with age.)

Access Study Details Here: Cryan and his team also revealed the exact trigger in this phenomenon.

As a longevity expert, I spend a significant amount of my time studying the latest research that influences our quality of living and the duration of our lives.

Though out of the box, Cryan’s discovery isn’t the only fascinating piece I’ve laid my eyes on.

I can’t say that I’ve ever personally had a fecal transplant, but I have definitely tried this plant. For thousands of years, it’s helped those in their 70s feel stronger and more alive than those in their 40s.

Many other respected medical professionals and researchers have called it the “Fountain of Youth” or “Food of the Gods.”


Find out here.

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