Is technology a sleep sabotager or heart saver?

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted January 10, 2022

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Tech gets a bad rap sometimes. It’s nearly impossible to step inside of a room and not notice everyone glued to their phones, surfing the web, playing games, using apps.

Technology is so deeply ingrained in our way of living, it’s become almost our first nature to repeatedly check our phones and emails.

Millennials and Gen Z are obsessed with TikTok. And even those in their golden years have joined in on the social media craze.

But what is this activity doing to your health?

For starters, it’s crippling millions of Americans’ ability to get a proper rest. How so? Simple. Your cell phone, laptop, heck, even your TV all emit a form of electromagnetic radiation called “blue light.”

This blue light suppresses the body’s sleep hormone.

On the electromagnetic spectrum, there are UVB rays... UVA rays... Gamma rays... microwaves... You might remember all this from science class.

But blue light is also on that spectrum. It falls somewhere between the 400–450 nm range. And every time you flip through the TV channels... check Facebook... send a text message... or get on your email... Your eyes get bombarded with blue light.

You could cut out all electronics... move to a small farm in Pennsylvania Dutch Country... and vow never to look at another screen or watch another television show ever again. I don’t know about you, but that’s not the life I’m looking for.

So on one end, technology interrupts our sleep. (Here’s a way to get around that!)

In Breaking Biotech News

The opposite end of the spectrum shows that technology may save the day, or more specifically your heart! Researchers are using the same mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines to help treat a leading cause of certain heart disease.

Imagine if there were a 50% decrease in heart disease all thanks to this developing technology.

So which is it? Is technology an evil habit that robs us of our precious sleep, or is it saving lives around the world?

Let me know your thoughts. Just shoot me a message back.

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