How Do You Handle the Pressure of Stress? – Part 2

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted July 8, 2021

Dear Longevity Insider,

Our bodies do marvelous things. Its ability to go into fight-or-flight mode is one of them.

However, it is not meant to be in fight-or-flight mode constantly. When our bodies are continuously in threat, the hypothalamus releases corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), which travels to the pituitary gland and stimulates the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).

ACTH travels to the adrenal glands and signals them to release a stress hormone called cortisol. This keeps our “fight or flight” systems on until the threat is no longer present, allowing our parasympathetic nervous system to then kick in. When our bodies are chronically stressed, that keeps cortisol levels high, prolonging the state of fight or flight. 
This is not optimal. Long period in a sympathetic state utilizes more nutrient resources, disrupts our digestive system, and more. Essentially, it drains you.
It seems for many of my patients that stressful events are synonymous with digestive issues. Sympathetic stimuli cause inhibition of gastrointestinal secretion and motility, which is when our stomachs secrete water, electrolytes, hydrochloric acid, and glycoproteins. 
For most of us, stress is inevitable or at least, something we cannot resolve over night. However, we can take steps to optimize our bodies to have the best response to stress.
There are many ways that science shows you can manage stress. In fact, I have a few of my favorite go-to methods.

Dr. Anil Bajnath's 5 Methods to Keep a Strong Mind and Body
  1. Drink plenty of water. When I drink water, I feel cleaner. Not only that, I can focus more on my daily tasks and I have more energy.

  2. Get some sunshine and fresh air. Don’t underestimate the power of vitamin D, which is actually a hormone. Vitamin D is known for producing the “happy chemicals,” serotonin and dopamine. If I’m feeling stressed, I make time for a quick walk outside.

  3. Exercise. Everyone’s condition is different, but my favorite choice of exercise is Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I feel stronger both mentally and physically because of it.

  4. Get enough sleep. Working 14-hour shifts seeing patients, my sleep architecture was so poor… and I knew I had to change something fast. That’s why I take VitaDEEP.

  5. Feed my body the proper nutrients. I have a very busy schedule and I don’t have time to individually take 36 health-promoting compounds... and a full spectrum of 18 amino acids and 11 vitamins and minerals. That’s why I get everything I need right from this plant.

No matter what, make sure you take care of yourself and watch your levels of stress. A mind and body that you take care of now will take care of you later.

To your longevity,

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Anil Bajnath MD
CEO/Founder, Institute for Human Optimization
Chief Medical Officer, Longevity Insider HQ

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