How Biotech Just Brought Joy to the Middle East

Written by Alex Reid
Posted January 25, 2021

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Great news from overseas this past week!

Biotechnology is a growingly popular solution for health complications. There was the one device that helped paralyzed patients walk again. Then, there was the implementation of biotechnology to kill two birds with one stone – hearing repair and hair cell regeneration.

Then there’s the ever-famous CRISPR. Doctors use the device for gene editing… something Dr. Anil Bajnath and I often discuss here at the Longevity Insider HQ.

Biotech seems to influence just about every aspect of the body… And we see no signs of it slowing down in the foreseeable future.

So here’s the latest inspiring biotech story to cross my desk...

Over 10 years ago, a 68-year-old man in Israel lost his sight. He naturally thought his days of seeing his family, enjoying the beauty of nature, and the common functionality associated with sight were long behind him.

But something incredible happened over this past week. The now-78-year-old man regained his sight. And it’s all thanks to an artificial cornea developed by a company named CorNeat Vision.

CorNeat Co-founder Gilad Litvin called the whole experience “surreal.” Here he gives his own recount of the miraculous moment:

Witnessing a fellow human being regain his sight the following day was electrifying and emotionally moving. There were a lot of tears in the room.

Prof Irit Bahar, the head of ophthalmology at Rabin Medical Center, shares his own insight on the life-changing event: 

The moment we took off the bandages was emotional and significant. Moments like these are the fulfilment of our calling as doctors. We are proud of being at the forefront of this exciting and meaningful project which will undoubtedly impact the lives of millions.

It’s reported that the 78-year-old patient was able to immediately recognize his family and read words as soon as he regained his sight.

The science behind it all…

CorNeat Vision uses nano materials and synthetic biology to produce implants. This is major news as those who need corneal transplants have to wait for healthy donor tissue. Until then, they’re typically stuck with their scarred, opaque, or deformed corneas.

But not anymore. 

According to CorNeat Vision, the technology allows for implants that are:

  1. 100% synthetic and therefore does not carry disease.
  2. Effectively bio-integrate and therefore heal faster.
  3. And do not rely on any type of harvested tissue and therefore scalable.​

Learn more about this life-changing biotech right here.

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