Heartburn drug found tainted with cancer-linked chemical

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 16, 2019

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If you or a loved one takes heartburn medication, you need to pay CLOSE attention.

Because the FDA has just made an unsettling announcement:

A popular heartburn medication has been found to be tainted with a CANCER-linked chemical is called NDMA.

NDMA is classified as a "probable human carcinogen" because it has been found to cause cancer in animal studies.

The chemical forms as a byproduct of certain industrial processes, and it was formerly used in the production of rocket fuel, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What medication are we talking about?

The drug is called ranitidine, which is sold under the brand name Zantac.

More details can be found in this story from Live Science.

In other health news, the billionaire Sackler family is in trouble again.

They've been accused of fueling the opiate crisis through their company Purdue Pharmaceutical.

And while publicly trying to avoid blame, something sinister was happening behind the scenes:

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The Sackler family was allegedly attempting to hide portions of its vast wealth:

The New York attorney general’s office said on Friday that it had tracked about $1 billion in wire transfers by the Sackler family, including through Swiss bank accounts, suggesting that the family tried to shield wealth as it faced a raft of litigation over its role in the opioid crisis.

That full story from the New York Times is right here.

And finally, in positive health news...

There is a new space-age treatment being researched for cancer.

LITERALLY space age.

It turns out the effects of anti-gravity may actually kill cancer cells.

Learn more about this fascinating study right here.

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Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ