Groundbreaking Mind-Body Study for the Horror-Obsessed Folks

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 2, 2020

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Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

If you’re like most of America… you probably watched something “horrific” this weekend.

And, no, I’m not talking about the number of COVID case numbers. (Though those are pretty frightening too!)

They currently sit at 9.28 million cases and 231K deaths in America alone. Talk about a real-life scary movie!

From Halloween parties to horror movie marathons… Millions participated in some horror-themed activity over this past weekend.

In light of this nationwide desire for a “thrill”...

THIS crossed my desk: A recent study reveals an incredible connection between the psychology of being scared and the physical response to it.

According to researchers, many have what’s called the “Goldilocks zone.” This is where fear and fun both meet… to create an experience that is neither too tame or too terrifying.

Have you ever stopped to think… What is it about a haunted house or scary movie that folks find so exhilarating?

Being the first of its kind, a study published in the journal Psychological Science, takes a closer look at “recreational fear.”

Marc Malmdorf Andersen, a researcher at the Interacting Minds Center at Aarhus University and lead author of the paper, adds: "By investigating how humans derive pleasure from fear, we find that there seems to be a 'sweet spot' where enjoyment is maximized… Our study provides some of the first empirical evidence on the relationship between fear, enjoyment, and physical arousal in recreational forms of fear."

So where was the best place for the researchers to study their subjects? 

A haunted house.

Andersen continues: "Conducting our study at a haunted attraction, where participants are screaming with both fear and delight, made this task easier… It also presented unique challenges, such as the immensely complex logistics associated with conducting empirical studies in a 'messy' real-world context like a haunted house."

It’s Andersen’s study that led to the discovery of the Goldilocks zone...

"If people are not very scared, they do not enjoy the attraction as much, and the same happens if they are too scared," said Andersen. "Instead, it seems to be the case that a 'just-right' amount of fear is central for maximizing enjoyment."

What got my attention the most… is how they used the heart to determine all of their fascinating data. Here’s what I mean.

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