Forks Over Knives Review

Another Reason To Embrace A Plant-Based Diet

Written by Aletta Kennedy
Posted May 5, 2011

With expectations high as the sky, last night I made my way to the premiere of Forks Over Knives in Los Angeles.

The fact that the occasion got me wearing heels the day after a marathon is very telling of my excitement. A diverse crowd of well-known and lesser-known veganists, authors, athletes, movie figures and the like gathered for the screening on the much anticipated film. The plant-based reception, hosted by Whole Foods Market, was a nice touch. (My restaurant experiences over my past few days up along the Central Coast had starved me for proper vegan-friendly food. Though, as it turns out, brown rice with (non-GMO!) soy sauce flushed down with a dessert of coconut water gets the job done as a pre-marathon dinner.)

The film tackles a basic, yet controversial and profound question - should we be eating animal products?

Drawing on the body of truly astonishing research by notable physicians Dr. T Colin Campbell (author of The China Study), Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn and many others, ForksOverKnives lays out the evidence, in an exceptionally well thought-out manner, for the detrimental health consequences of the typical Western diet through its fascination with animal protein. Meat has become synonymous with protein, dairy with calcium and both therefore deemed essential. Yet given the continued deterioration of public health in the modern world, clearly something is not right.

I've seen my fair share of food documentaries and hoped ForksOverKnives would avoid some of the mistakes that predecessors have made. And it did. It's not sensationalist, does not make far-fetched claims, it's not trying to impress or confuse the viewer with jargon and concepts that are difficult to grasp.No, it's wont criminalize you for eating meat and no one will point fingers if you're not already vegan. But it might make you think.

The film and its characters are personable and easy to relate to. There is even a particularly entertaining cartoon feature in there. It does a great job in fighting an all-too-common perception of vegans as hippie nutjobs and pointing out that eating plants does not mean one belongs to a radical extremist movement. It might just be normal.

Importantly, ForksOverKnives carries a powerful message - that our health is a function of the dietary choices we make and it's in our control to prevent and even reverse disease, without pills, with plants. The challenge, however, lies in getting this message heard and taken seriously by the general public. Ironically, those who  need to listen the most are probably the least likely to choose to go and see the film.

ForksOverKnives definitely made my shortlist of favorite movies. Caring about your own and your family's health is a pretty good thing to do, so instead of adding a few bucks to the millions made by the next box-office hit, go do yourself a favor and see it.

Opens May 6 - visit the official website for showtimes and more info.

(p.s.: I am in no way affiliated with the movie; this is just my personal opinion and it happens to be that positive.)