Delicious lies? Top food scientist resigns and more [Roundup]

An Ivy League Researcher Resigns Following Accusations of Misconduct

Written by Alex Reid
Posted September 24, 2018

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Hey y'all,

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As you know, each Monday we send a roundup of the most interesting and controversial health stories.

And today's lead story scores high on both counts!

I'll get to the story in a minute, about an Ivy League researcher who resigned after allegations of SERIOUS misconduct.

But first I want to highlight WHY this story is so important.

Here at Clear Health Now, we are deeply committed to scientific research. We only share information backed by good evidence — like peer-reviewed trials or primary sources. This is why we always include citations and sources and why we have no problem issuing corrections if the research changes.

But this doesn't mean everything called “science” is good!

Writer Nassim Taleb has a great phrase for this:


That's what he calls ideas that use the vocabulary and imagery of science to create the illusion of authority... when they're actually nonsense.

And unfortunately, that's what may have been going on at Cornell, an Ivy League research university. A prominent scientist who was running the food research lab was accused of “problematic statistical techniques, failure to properly document and preserve research results and inappropriate authorship.”

Basically, all the exciting claims he was making that helped him write a bestselling book and run a lab at a major university turned out to potentially be nonsense.

You can get the whole story here, but we feel the key takeaway is simple:

Just because something is called “scientific” doesn't mean it's right.

Of course, you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. And this disgraced researcher was called out by graduate students who were following the scientific method properly.

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So how do you sort through scientific claims to determine what's nonsense and what isn't? 

  1. Look for replication of results from independent sources

  2. Look for no conflicts of interest or industry funding

  3. Clear Health Now will do our part and have our research professionals dig deep into journal articles and share what looks real and what isn't 

And on to the rest of the news:

In brief, there is an active recall for certain ground beef products — check out the Clear Health Now Facebook page for the details, which is where we share time-sensitive stories like this one.

To leave on a happy note, more and more people are actually REVERSING type 2 diabetes. Recently, a British politician joined their ranks with his story.

Our research team is following this extremely closely, and if you or a loved one has any concerns about blood sugar, we have something very exciting for you coming up in the near future.

Do you have worries or issues about your blood sugar? Are you struggling with diabetes or prediabetes? 

Hit “Reply” or leave a comment to let us know. 

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ