Company to Zap Toxic Cells Out of Your Body in Only 5 Years?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted February 1, 2021

Hi y’all!

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

Imagine that the achy back, the weight gain, the forgetfulness all pointed to one primary cause.

And this one culprit also led to many other age-related complications, even disease.

I bet you’d want to know 1) what the cause of aging is and 2) how to get rid of it.

#1 The Cause of Aging

Meet cellular senescence. During the aging process, your cells continue to split over time. But according to Hayflick’s Limit, your cells can only split a certain number of times before they eventually just stop.

When a cell has reached this stopping point, it is considered a “senescent cell.” Around our headquarters, we affectionately call these cells “zombie cells.”

You see, senescent cells are irreversibly arrested at the G1 phase of the cell cycle. This is why we call them zombie cells… they “do not respond to various external stimuli, but they remain metabolically active.” So essentially, they’re not dead, but they’re not exactly alive.

In fact, they’re toxic. And they can cause many age-related complications and diseases.

#2 How to Ditch Zombie Cells

The next logical thought is, how do we get rid of these cells ASAP? Not only are they toxic, but they can start to taint the cells nearby.

According to recent news, researchers believe they may be able to flush these cells out of the human body (with great precision) in just a matter of five years through their restorative therapy.

Here’s the latest to cross my desk…

Oisín Biotechnologies has already started studies on its anti-aging, restorative therapies with mice.

Here are some quick highlights from its studies:

  • Treated mice lived 20% longer even when treatment was started in old age.

  • After a single treatment, senescent cell removal rates reached as high as 70%.

  • Oisín believes its platform is significantly safer and more cost effective than other delivery systems (such as viral approaches).

  • The company believes its method will achieve what is impossible using traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

  • If human trials are successful and the technology receives regulatory approval, this promising restorative therapy could potentially be available within five years.

 Henry Garcia, Head of Aging R&D, Oisín Biotechnologies, adds:

The ultimate goal is to eliminate unnecessary suffering. I think that everyone who believes in the mission of longevity is striving towards this. By realizing these therapies, we can start to fundamentally change the way that humans think about aging and disease.

Oisín Biotechnologies isn’t the only company researching senescent cells, though. Dr. Anil Bajnath has also done very detailed research on the matter.

Best of all, it won’t take five years to try. Just two seconds of your time.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ