Big Pharma pushing cancer-linked baby powder [Roundup]

Legal docs show that J&J knew about asbestos in baby powder for decades

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 17, 2018

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

Today's top story is a disturbing one.

And it's why we here at Clear Health Now are so committed to bringing you health solutions from OUTSIDE the world of Big Pharma.

Certainly there are top scientists, doctors, and well-meaning folks at big pharmaceutical companies. But there are also people who appear to see you as nothing more than numbers on a profit/loss spreadsheet.

And when these people learn that a popular product for babies could cause cancer — but it's still in the PROFIT column — they keep selling it.

That's what happened for DECADES at Johnson & Johnson, according to new reporting from Reuters.

Legal documents show that the company knew its popular baby powder was tainted with asbestos as far back as the early ’70s but continued to sell it and publicly state otherwise. The full story from Reuters is right here.

It's not just the big companies that are playing dirty.

Medical journals are an incredibly important part of medicine, and we spend a lot of time studying them.

But they have problems, too.

SERIOUS problems. Because new reporting shows the vast majority of journals are NOT disclosing millions of dollars paid to doctors by drug companies... the very same drug companies that these doctors are supposed to be researching without bias.

That whole story is right here.

In more positive medical news, researchers at UCLA have created a new compound that seems to kill cancer cells and boost the immune systems of cancer patients.

The best part? 

This compound is in the form of a non-invasive sprayable gel. Get that full story right here.

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