21-year-old student's heart fails by drinking this daily for 2 years...

Written by Anil Bajnath, MD
Posted April 19, 2021

Hi guys,

Dr. Anil Bajnath here with your Monday roundup.

Food is medicine. As a seasoned longevity and functional medicine expert, I have seen countless ill patients visit my office.

Aside from hereditary issues, a good portion of the disease-laden conditions I’ve seen were due to poor habits.

Some drank alcohol excessively, overindulged in sugar foods, drank too much caffeine, and the only exercise they got was a walk to the refrigerator.

I’m not shaming anyone! I get it. In a pandemic, most people are trying to keep their heads above water however they can.

But that’s where Longevity Insider HQ comes in. Even if you don’t take your health as seriously as you would like to… we do!

We care about your brain functionality, blood sugar levels, heart, liver, your mood, and overall spiritual well being.

That’s why my team and I always study and test the most fascinating (and effective) tools that could help you along this longevity journey.

And as any sincere doctor would…


I recently caught wind of a rather traumatizing story. Yet there’s some wisdom I’d love to share from it…

A 21-year-old student spent 58 days in the hospital due to heart failure. I wish I could tell you it was due to something hereditary, a gene, or a freak accident.

But the truth is, it was self-inflicted by his eating habits… For two years, this young man drank four 500ml cans every day of this one beverage. Frankly, his body couldn’t take anymore.

Not only did his daily lifestyle lead to heart failure, leaving him in intensive care, but he also was unable to finish his studies in university.

Here at Longevity Insider HQ, we often focus on how to extend our lifespan and healthspan, living a happy fulfilling life with the ones we truly love.

Today, I highlight the very opposite of what we work so hard to achieve… A young man’s healthspan abruptly interrupted by his life choices.

Reports show that a few symptoms lead up to his overall heart failure. He suffered shortness of breath for four months and severe weight loss.

After experiencing those difficulties for four months, he was admitted to the hospital for a very traumatizing experience.

Not only did tests reveal that his heart had failed, but his kidneys did too.

It’s not my goal to scare you. But it is my life’s mission to inform you.

I don’t want anything like this to happen to you.

So what did this 21-year-old man drink that led him straight to the hospital?

Energy drinks.

And I understand the appeal… When you’ve worked 14-hour shifts back to back like I have, you’re almost desperate for energy.

The difference is, I use a very reliable plant derived from India. It’s called moringa oleifera.

Not only does it pump my body with all of the nutrients it needs, but I get to enjoy a floodgate of all-day-long energy and stamina.

Here’s what I love most about it.

To your longevity,

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