[BREAKING] Cancer-linked containers at THIS fast-food chain

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Written by Alex Reid
Posted August 12, 2019

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In today's breaking news, the bowls used by a popular fast-food chain have been linked cancer!

Of course, fast food has been long known to be problematic if you follow health and wellness news.

The heavily processed ingredients, the added sugars, and the overall "fast and cheap" experience are all at odds with our best understanding of healthy and nourishing foods.

But this latest news goes beyond the ingredients and setting to the very containers themselves.

A recent study shows that the coating that keeps these bowls from getting soggy is exposed to PFAs, or "forever chemicals," that your body has trouble processing and eliminating.

What fast-food chain are we talking about?

Well, the one making the headlines is Chipotle...

But it's not the only one using this type of chemical.

Get the full story right here.

In other health news, drug giant Novartis has been accused of manipulating data while seeking approval for a $2.1 million treatment.

This goes to show that you should always double-check data, even if it's from seemingly prestigious sources.

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It's especially infuriating given that the treatment was in the world of gene therapy, a genuinely exciting area of research with a lot of promise.

And lack of trust in the research could slow down the real progress being made.

Get the details here from the New York Times.

Finally, in another story of bad-faith corporate actions, Kellogg, maker of sugary, starchy cereals, has been accused of paying off so-called "third-party" experts to promote its products.

Kellogg paid council experts an average of $13,000 per year, according to emails and contracts obtained by the Associated Press. The payment was for expert to engage in “nutrition influencer outreach” and refrain from offering their services to products that were “competitive or negative to cereal.”

That full story is here from Fortune magazine.

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